What are the benefits of staff leasing?

Employee leasing is often used by business owners looking for additional employees, especially during the season of increased production or harvest. Leasing workers is very beneficial for companies looking for employees on a temporary basis. One of the biggest advantages of staff leasing is that you do not need to be associated with the employee permanently. Another great benefit is the fact HireLabas Group – staffing agency – will handle all formalities for you. It’s only necessary to pay the appropriate fee for “loaning” the employee. In conjunction with our partnership with experienced lawyers, our agency can offer full support in tax and employment law of your country and formal issues related to employee leasing. Owing to this, each stage of cooperation is completely safe and, above all, legal for both sides.


Cut the cost of recruitment and employment

Eliminate the expenses of advertising and the time spent sorting through resumes, holding interviews, and managing follow-ups. That is all on us. All of that is on us.

You will never have to pay for sick days, vacation days, personal days, holidays, absenteeism, or any other fringe benefits. HireLabas Group takes care of that, and you pay only for the hours actually worked by workers leased to your job.

Take employer taxes off the table

HireLabas Group covers social security, workers’ compensation, unemployment, and all federal and state payroll taxes. No more filling for unemployment.

Lower the cost of administration

Spend less on the overhead associated with administrative costs of maintaining a workforce.


Vetted. Matched. Skilled.

Our hiring process ensures that each HireLabas employee is screened for skill, experience, and motivation to do the job. Background checks are available on request. We will match our hardworking employees to your job and ensure they are prepared to work when they arrive at your site.

Be ready to expand

Take on new projects or expand with the confidence that HireLabas will provide the qualified workforce you need, precisely when and where you need them.

Always be “right sized”

Get the right number of people on the task at the right time by working with your HireLabas account representative. You won’t have to worry about the effects of letting people go or bringing on new people when workloads increase. We will handle that for you.


There is no advanced payment

You only pay after HireLabas employees are posted at your site and have worked for a specific time. This means you do not have to invest in the initial recruitment process or workers’ transportation to your site. The first payment is required only after the workers have arrived and you had a chance to see how good they are.

No replacement costs

Our overall employee retention rate is quite low at around 5% and our posted employees tend to work for long periods. But in case a leased employee is not fit for the job or has to leave job for personal reasons, we take full responsibility to replace him charge free.


Worker safety

We maintain full responsibility for the employees for the entire period while they are on the assignment.