Our services

We are responsive to the needs of our clients, therefore, we offer three types of services. Whether you need extra workforce for seasonal peak, want to save some time by outsourcing recruitment process, or need someone to take off payroll burden, we can help.

We can help find unqualified workers for jobs in factories, warehouses, agriculture, and hotels. We also have skilled builders, mechanics, welders, and craftsmen.

Personnel leasing

As an organization, you want to be able to handle peaks immediately. And when things are going a bit less, you want to be able to adjust your workforce effortlessly. This service is designed to simplify the management of labor relationship and to make personnel management more efficient. It is a splendid opportunity to manage recruitment needs in a more flexible manner by hiring employees for either short-term or long-term work without employing new workers directly at your company. During the recruitment process we select workers according to the needs and requirements expressed by the client and employ them at UAB “Nermeka”, afterwards, the workers are posted at the client for a specified period.

We lease both motivated production and logistic workers as well as experienced craftsmen.


This service offers an alternative to your payroll system. Administrative overhead is the bane of many businesses. We provide this service to eliminate your payroll department. How does this work? Your employees essentially become our employees. We can maintain administration and insurances while you retain the day-to-day managing, hiring and terminating, and the same decision-making authority as before. It is ensured that personnel management of the company will be performed in compliance with the most recent requirements of labor law and tax environment; and the Client’s employees will always be provided with the complete professional consultation on the issues of personnel management.

Recruitment and selection

This service is designed for clients who know exactly what they need but don’t have time or resources to spend on the selection process. Our recruitment specialists help our clients to find the employees that fully meet their requirements. This service starts with full assessment of the needs and requirements for new employee. Afterwards, we prepare a job description that captures job essence and sells our client’s business as an attractive workplace. We use a variety of networks and databases to search for potential candidates. After a round of interviews, evaluations and reviews we select the most suitable candidates and present them to the client. After the final candidate is selected, our company assumes the responsibility of that candidate for a specified period.